12 February 2007

Vol I Issue i ~ 12 February 2007


  1. Letter from the Editor
  2. From Town Hall
  3. Wanton Criminal Act Tarnishes Opening Day!
  4. New Babbage's First Town Meeting
  5. Undershaw Society Finds Home in New Babbage
  6. The Plot Register: Who's Who in NB?
  7. New Babbage Real-estate
  8. Mayor Creates New Steampunk Group!
  9. Wayward Children Flood Into New Babbage
  10. Events & Announcements
  11. Classified Advertisements
  12. Contact, Circulation, and other
  13. Essential Information for the Reader



My dear fellow citizens of the young city of New Babbage, I introduce to you now a humble endeavor to exchange news and communications easily among our members. The New Babbage Cog endeavors to be a weekly periodical, but depending on the availability of news to report, it could be published irregularly for some time. A group has been created for the automatic distribution of this periodical, or it can be obtained from a paper box in Sanger Park, #5 Babbage Square, at the South-East corner of the island. In addition, a reading copy of the current issue will always be available at the newspaper office. As New Babbage is launched by our esteemed Mayor, Mr. Shaunathan Sprocket, it is my fondest wish, as a fellow stake-holder, that its citizens may establish a sense of community.Our shared pursuit of discovery,experimentation, invention, science,and industry unites us.The New Babbage Cog, named for our beloved emblem, seeks to aid in this cause.

In your service,

Mrs. Junie Ginsburg



"Industria Proficiscor In"

Rulebook for Visitors:

Here is the short list of rules for people just visiting the sim who do not own land. No one likes to pour over tons of text so this is the short version for everyone:

  1. This is an urban Victorian Steampunk Sim.
  1. Victorian dress and role play are OPTIONAL. Many of our members fade in and out of role play so no one will think anything about you if you wear modern clothes and talk normally.
  1. Please be open-minded and respect the right of everyone here to enjoy the sim. Trying to disrupt what is going on here by rezzing a modern weapon or vehicle, shooting everyone, pushing, talking to people for the sole purpose of trying to piss them off because you like to make fun of people who like Victorian things will not be tolerated and you may find yourself with a ban or worse.
  1. Asking questions is always allowed! The Steampunks are a group of builders, scripters, and texture artists and those wishing to learn these skills. We are always happy to share knowledge we have.
  1. Participation is always allowed even if you don't have any property here.You are more than welcome to "live" in our City even if you don't own land.We're available to claim for role play reasons, or if you just like to hang out and participate in the community. All are welcome and this isn't an exclusive group of landholders.
  1. weapons are allowed on a "common sense" basis. Role play does occur here, consensual weapon discharges are fine.However if anything gets out of hand you'll be asked to tone it down or stop.
  1. Enjoy shopping and exploring our City.

Junie Ginsburg



On February 4, 2007, Babbage Square enjoyed its grand opening to the public. All builds, even those technically unfinished, were quite presentable credits to our collective effort to create an aesthetically Steampunk island.

This idyllic opening was marred, however by the mugging of one Mr.Oolon Sputnik, who reports that he was accosted and approached in the alley between The Old Imperial Steampunk Theatre and Old Gravy by two children wearing leather gas masks. One assailant bore a rusty knife, and the other held a bottle as a weapon. The oldest, Mr. Sputnik reports, could not have been older than twelve. Thus confronted, Mr. Sputnik secured his safety by relinquishing the sum of 20 Linden to the urchins. Mr. Intolerable Ginsburg reports also that two as-mask wearing youngsters arrived in his workshop earlier in the day, but were apparently older than the two who surprised Mr. Sputnik in the alleyway. Seeing no valuables in the workshop, the two seemed to lose interest and wandered away. Mr. Ginsburg reports no losses. Events of the opening day were, otherwise, without incident.

Early in the day an impromptu walking tour of Babbage Square was given by Mayor Sprocket. At 1pm, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made a presentation about the Underwood Preservation Society, with a reception following. An afternoon tea was held in the I.J. Ginsburg Dept. Store salon. From 10pm - 12:30pm, a group of intrepid tourists (residents and visitors alike) walked the island with Mayor Sprocket and were introduced to its singular sights. Special thanks must be extended to Miss Eggberta Egecheray for assisting Mayor Sprocket in leading the evening tour, which, thankfully, was not interrupted by unseemly activity by the criminal element. New Babbagers are urged to report any further malicious acts which take place on our island, and should note that we have a private detective among our number. Please contact Mr. Creeggan if you find yourself in need of an investigator.

Junie Ginsburg



Mayor Sprocket, was, unfortunately, unable to attend New Babbage's first town meeting on Sunday, January 21, 2007, at 1pm, for reasons that he assures us were most "noble and steampunk." At the appointed time, the following four residents met near the telehub and engaged in an informal meeting: Mr. Salazar Jack, Mr. Quine Mondrian, Mr. Intolerable Ginsburg, and Mrs. Junie Ginsburg. The small group discussed, during a friendly hour-and-a-half engagement, matters related to the texture library as proposed by Mayor Sprocket, and shared resources for obtaining free textures for building. It was agreed that a texture library would be an excellent addition for purposes of reducing lag (our common enemy!); the more unique textures that must be loaded across an entire island, the more performance is reduced. If New Babbage residents use common textures whenever possible, an improved experience can be achieved. The small group also undertook a tour of Mr. Mondrian's conservatory in the North-West corner of the sim, as well as Sanger Park, in the far opposite corner. Citizens of New Babbage wishing to contribute textures to be considered for the library should send them to Mayor Sprocket.

Junie Ginsburg



New Babbage is fortunate to count among its populace a writer of great renown: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. On 3 February, 2007, during the NB Opening Day festivities, Sir Doyle held a talk at the newly-opened Undershaw Restoration Society about the organization's aims. "I propose to establish 'The Undershaw Restoration Society,' a not-for-profit foundation in Second Life," Sir Doyle announced during his speech. "This foundation will oversee the fund raising necessary to build Undershaw," the home built in the 1890's by Doyle for his wife, Touie, who had contracted tuberculosis.

Ultimately, Doyle would like "to reproduce Undershaw and its grounds in Second Life as soon as possible and as accurately as possible." To those ends, he says that he will seek board members, corporate and private donors, and an army of volunteers to make this dream a reality." The Undershaw Restoration Society building and grounds, including a manicured croquet lawn, is available for community events.

Eggberta Echegaray



In an effort to document the growth of New Babbage, we begin with an initial register of Babbage Square. Following is a list of residents who have established builds upon their parcels as of the date of publication. As New Babbage grows and islands are added, The New Babbage Cog will endeavor to keep residents informed of new parcel developments. The parcel numbers which follow correspond with the lot numbers on the rental board in Town Hall.

Parcel No. New Owner/Business:

#1 - Mr. Intolerable Ginsburg - Workshop
#2 - Mr. Jules Whittlesea -Wratchett and Clank's Shops
#3 - Miss Moss Weyland -Weyland's Smithy
#4 - Mr. Ambiant Kukulcan - Gremminger and Kukulcan Foundry
#5 - Mrs. Junie Ginsburg - Sanger Park
#6 - Miss Ordinal Malaprop -Ordinal Industries New Babbage Plant
#7 - Mr. Khashai Steinbeck - Steinbeck & Company
#8 - Mr. Desmond Shang - West Trade Imports LTD
#9 - Mr. Edward Pearse - Pearse on Babbage
#10- Master Loki Eliot - The Old Imperial Steampunk Theater of New Babbage
#11- (Unoccupied)
#12- Mr. Malkov Trescothick- Old Gravy
#13- Mr. Salazar Jack - Kahruvel Steamworks
#14- Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket
#15- Mr. Paul Churchill - Churchill Industries
#16- Mr. Paul Churchill - Churchill Industries
#17- Mr. Nym Eponym - SteamTravel
#18- (Unoccupied)
#19- Mr. Quine Mondrian - New Babbage Conservatoire
#20- Miss Eggberta Echegaray - The Willow Tea Room
#21- Mr. Lazlo Wombat - Xone Toys
#22- St. Bartholomew's Creeggan Detective Agency
#23- Miss Carricre Wind - The Shambles
#24- Mr. Solivar Scarborough - Second Thoughts in New Babbage
#25- Mr. Jules Whittlesea - Babbage Square Hospital
#26- Mr. Solivar Scarborough - Second Thoughts in New Babbage
#27- Miss Carricre Wind - Consortium of Stupendous Women
#28- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Undershaw Restoration Society

Curious readers may also wish to view Miss Ordinal Malaprop's map of Babbage Square at the following address:


Please bear in mind, however, that the numbering scheme used on the map does not correspond with the numbering used on the rental board. Tip for the Reader: You might not be aware that you can customize the description for your parcel in the rental board inside of the Town Hall. Just click on your square and follow the prompts to insert the name and description of your build. This will present visitors and New Babbagers alike with information about your property when they click on your address.

Junie Ginsburg



Factory zone: Plot #18 Babbage Square

If you are interested in acquiring a plot, please contact

Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket.



On Saturday, 3 February 2007, Mayor Sprocket created a new group called "Steampunks of New Babbage", which exists mainly for the benefit of out-of-towners who would like to keep apprised of New Babbage happenings. (Ed.: Non-residents are, of course, also welcome to read The New Babbage Cog.)

Eggberta Echegaray



It has been observed by several New Babbagers that many homeless children appear to have migrated into our fine city. While the exact location of their refuge remains undisclosed, some children have hinted that they have come under the good graces and protection of a mysterious benefactor. Even having found a guardian, the children find themselves in harsh conditions, not enough food and toiling at occupations undesirable to most adults.

One child confided in this reporter that some of them are exploited as chimney sweeps, being of smaller frame than grown men and more suited to the task. Among them, at least some of the children suffer maltreatment, illness, and poverty, though it has been rumored that certain of their number have chosen life on the street merely to defy social expectations. It remains to be seen the influence such a population of underage vagrants will have on New Babbage. A call for charity is possibly in order.

Junie Ginsburg



Mrs. Ginsburg wishes to alert readers that mod/copy steam grates (2 prim) and street lamps (10 prim) are available free of charge to all New Babbage residents. They can be located on the first floor of I.J. Ginsburg Dept. Store. In order to receive a free item, please set your active group to Engineers of New Babbage and click the vendor.



Healthy young people of strong constitution are sought to bear sandwich boards which promote The New Babbage Cog. Please contact Mrs. Junie Ginsburg to inquire.


Your advertisement can be placed here!




Editor in Chief: Mrs. Junie Ginsburg

Asst Editor: Miss Eggberta Echegaray


The New Babbage Cog office is located at the end of the block in Sanger Park, #5 Babbage Square. Note card communications can be dropped in the postbox there, or sent directly to the editor, Mrs. Junie Ginsburg.


The New Babbage Cog is circulated in two ways. Firstly, new issues are sent automatically to subscribers of the free New Babbage Cog group. Second, issues are available from a paper box in Sanger Park, #5 Babbage Square, outside of I.J. Ginsburg Dept. Store. A reading copy of the current issue is always available at the newspaper office.

Back Issues:

All back issues of The New Babbage Cog will be available free of charge. They can be found in the archive on the first floor of the newspaper office. A volunteer archivist position is available.


Volunteer freelance and column writers are welcome to propose stories. The New Babbage Cog also welcomes news tips, reports, and story ideas from interested parties. Please see our contact information above.


Advertising should be germane to subjects of greatest import to residents of New Babbage. Although our sensibilities are quite modern and liberal, The New Babbage Cog reserves the right to determine an ad's fitness for inclusion based on its pertinence to steampunk, Victoriana, retrotech, industry, anachronism, and other related concepts.

Advertising is free to New Babbage stakeholders. Out-of-towners may advertise at a rate of L$100 per ad placement per issue. For both residents and non-residents, space is limited to 500 characters per advertisement. Each ad may include one embedded texture and one landmark. File attachments must be delivered at the time of ad reservation. Please see our contact information above to inquire.


There are no errors that are in need of correction at this time. The New Babbage Cog is obliged to anyone who sends notification of a mistake, so that rectifications might be swiftly published.

Copyright Disclaimer:

The Second Life in world note card publication date, of this issue of The New Babbage Cog, and it's intellectual property, are owned by the contributors to the newspaper.

Copyright 2007 of the Common Era

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