10 December 2007

Vol I / Issue XX ~ 10th of December, 2007



  1. Letter from the Editor
  2. No more Telehubs!
  3. Photogram Contestants!
  4. Events & Announcements
  5. Classified Advertisements
  6. New Babbage and Steampunk FAQ
  7. Contact and other Essential Information for the Reader


This issue of the Cog will mainly be concentrating on The New Babbage Cog sponsored Photogram contest event. Mayor Sprocket has placed an ad in the Classified section of this issue, announcing that boat slips in the Vernian Sea Sim are still available for rent, please visit the Classified section to find out more information about these parcels, if interested.

In Your Service,
Eggberta Echegaray



Since the overall majority who voted at November's Town Hall meeting said "Aye" to getting rid of Telehubs in New Babbage, Mayor Sprocket has finally has eliminated direct teleporting to old Telehubs locations in New Babbage Square and the Babbage Canal districts. Visitors and/or Residents, can now directly teleport to a private parcel, and/or business location in the two sims, provided that the parcel owner has set up their landing spot co-ordinates appropriately. The old telehub locations will still be active, but will only work when someone randomly clicks on an infrastructure on the map.

Eggberta Echegaray



Last week, The New Babbage Cog announced in the Babbage Forum Boards, that it would be sponsoring a photogram contest, for New Babbage residents to take photograms of the newly erected Town Hall with the accompanying airship, and to submit up to four photograms. The deadline for submissions was Sunday December 9th, and the following is the collection of the entrants work.

Voting ballot cards have been attached to the in world copy of the note card newspaper, which are available at any New Babbage Cog Newspaper box, which are placed out at all four Telehubs. Please fill out a ballot, and vote for the entrant you feel has the best set of photgrams, and kindly submit the note card to me, Eggberta Echegaray. Voting for the best photogram will close on Sunday December 16th, 2007 at 23:59, so please have your ballot dropped off before that deadline. I will tally up the ballots, and will announce the winner in Monday December 17th's issue of the Cog.
The lucky winner will be awarded 10,000L! Thank you to all who participated and good luck!

Eggberta Echegaray



Names of the entrant are above their photogram submissions:

Arteer Oliva


Beq Janus


Darian Llewellyn


Hatris Panacek


Meadow McBride

Natacha Chernov

Skusting Dagger

Taterbug Rossini

Again, thank you to all who participated in this Photogram contest, and good luck!




Put your event and/or announcement here!




On behalf of Mayor Sprocket, he wished for me to mention in the Cog that a couple of boat slips are still available for rent in the Vernian Sea Sim. Each boat slip has 234 prims available and there is 512 sq m. The cost to rent one of the boat slips works out to being $7.50 USD per month/$2000L per month. If anyone is interested in renting a boat slip, to contact Mayor Shanathan Sprocket.
Eggberta Echegaray

* * *


Q. What is New Babbage?

A. New Babbage is a planned group of themed sims designed to promote a steampunk aesthetic.


Q. What is Babbage Square?

A. The first, and to date the only, of the planned New Babbage sims is Babbage Square. New Babbage can be thought of as the "city," while Babbage Square is its first "region."


Q. What is "steampunk?"

A. Steampunk is a genre of speculative fiction, usually science fiction, that explores the question of how past eras, particularly the Victorian period, would have looked if more modern technology had existed using only the tools at their disposal. Thus the steampunk aesthetic often makes use of wood, brass, iron, and steam-powered engines to construct fantastic machines that never were.

Please see the steampunk Wikipedia entry:



Q. Is New Babbage for role-players?

A. New Babbage is for anyone interested in steampunk ideas. Although many residents dress and role-play the part, all are welcome to participate in the activities here (period attire not required), and are encouraged to explore the technology made available to us in SL New Babbagers are builders, scripters, and texture artists, curious and experimental by nature, come together to invent, create, and commune.




Editor in Chief: Miss Eggberta Echegaray

Assistant Editor: Tinsel Silvera


Ethics Statement:

THIS IS A COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER, NOT A VEHICLE FOR EXPOSE. All reporters for The New Babbage Cog are obligated to inform potential interviewees when they are gathering data for a report on our behalf, or clearly identify themselves as a TNBC journalist. This is a community paper, not a vehicle for expose; all investigative reporting must be above-the-board. Deception is against the intended spirit of community embraced by this paper and will not be tolerated. If a citizen encounters an aggressive reporter claiming to work on behalf of The New Babbage Cog, they are urged to report same to the Editor.


-- Visit us:

Temporary location: The Willow Tea Room Lot # 20 New Babbage Cultural District

-- Drop a notecard:

Notecard communications can be sent to Miss Eggberta Echegaray and/or Mr.Tinsel Silvera

-- IM:

You may contact Miss Eggberta Echegaray and/or Mr.Tinsel Silvera by IM with any newspaper business.

-- Aethernet mail:

Messages sent to newbabbage@gmail.com will be fielded or redirected as necessary by

Miss Eggberta Echegaray.

-- Ms.Echegaray's SL Office Hours: Mon – Fri 3pm – 4pm SLT


The New Babbage Cog is circulated in three ways:

1. new issues are sent automatically to subscribers of the New Babbage Cog group.

2. Issues are available from a paper boxes at the following locations:

-- Babbage Square telehub

-- Willow Tea Room

-- Undershaw Restoration Society

Back Issues:

All back issues of The New Babbage Cog will be available free of charge. They can be found in the Willow Tea Room on the first floor.


Volunteer freelance and column writers are welcome to propose stories. The New Babbage Cog also welcomes news tips, reports, and story ideas from interested parties. Please see our contact information above.


Advertising should be germane to subjects of greatest import to residents of New Babbage. Although our sensibilities are quite modern and liberal, The New Babbage Cog reserves the right to determine an ad's fitness for inclusion based on its pertinence to steampunk, Victoriana, retrotech, industry, anachronism, and other related concepts.

Advertising is L$50 to New Babbage citizens and L$100 for out-of-towners, per listing, per issue. For both residents and non-residents, space is limited to 500 characters per listing. Each ad may include one embedded texture and one landmark. File attachments must be delivered at the time of ad reservation. Please see our contact information above to inquire.


[There are no errors known to be in need of correction at this time. The New Babbage Cog is obliged to anyone who sends notification of a mistake, so that rectifications might be swiftly published.]

Copyright Disclaimer:

This issue of The New Babbage Cog, and it's intellectual property, are owned by the contributors to the newspaper and is also publicly owned by the City-State of New Babbage, which at the time of it's printing, was under the care of Mayor Shaunathan Sprocket.

Copyright 2007 of the Common Era

The New Babbage Cog

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