27 November 2007


Vol I / Issue
XIX ~ 27th of November, 2007



  1. Letter from the Editor
  2. The Vernian Sea Sim Arrives!!
  3. New Golden Compass Town Hall is erected
  4. New Babbage Advertisement in M2 SL Newspaper!
  5. Guy Fawkes Day Celebrations
  6. November 3rd 2007 Town Hall Meeting Minutes
  7. Babbage Barrel Burning Races!
  8. Events & Announcements
  9. Classified Advertisements
  10. New Babbage and Steampunk FAQ
  11. Contact and other Essential Information for the Reader


Since the last issue of the Cog was published on October 28th, and Loki Eliot's Burning Barrel Race Event wasn't held until October 31st, I unfortunately didn't find the time to publish the event in the Hallowe'en issue. However, I have made it a point to include the coverage in this issue of the Cog. I would like to welcome Mr.Tinsel Silvera to the Cog, who has taken up the role as Assistant Editor. Mr. Silvera is a very welcome addition and I look forward to working along side him. Not only has there been additions to the Cog, but also to our Community. New Babbage now has four full sims, and our community population keeps growing larger by the day. Mr.Silvera and I will do our out most best to collect and provide the New Babbage community with important stories and information, here in the Cog.

In your service,

Miss Eggberta Echegaray



As expected, the long awaited Vernian Sea sim arrived last week. Mayor Sprocket has started to set up the plots in the underwater sim, and build the boat slips, which will be up for rent at a low cost. For inquires about renting one of the underwater plots, please contact the Mayor.

Eggberta Echegaray



With the anticipation of the film release of The Golden Compass, New Babbage’s Town Hall has come to commemorate the skyscraper build in film. The building, designed and constructed by Master Loki Eliot, made it’s first appearance at New Babbage's campsite in the 2007 Relay for Life event. The town hall shines like a beacon, and will hopefully become a notable landmark within Second Life.

Eggberta Echegaray



On his own initiative, Mr.Salazar Jack the owner of Kahruvel Steamworks in Babbage Square, took it upon his self, to take out a half page advertisement promoting New Babbage in Second Life’s Metaverse Messenger newspaper, or known in world, as M2! The first ad ran in M2’s November 13th edition, is currently seen in the November 27th edition, and is scheduled for two more insertions. Mr.Jack said the total cost to run all four, half page advertisements is $11,220, and the ad is currently is displayed on

page 30.


When one clicks on M2’s Aethernet Url link, you will be prompted to click on another link, to download a current PDF file to access the online newspaper. When looking upon the Ad, if the advertisement is clicked upon, you will then be automatically directed to a SLurl, which provides a direct teleport link to New Babbage’s location in Second Life’s grid.Mr.Jack mentioned that he created and produced the ad, with his own photography, copywriting, layout and ad placement. When asked why he took it upon on his own “steam” to advertise New Babbage in M2, Mr. Jack replied, “I wanted to do something splashy to promote New Babbage, the new Vernian Sea sim, and general steampunkery to a wider audience that might not know of such things. Something that would, hopefully, get a little buzz going about Steampunk, and its association with the city of New Babbage.”Mr.Jack said that the New Babbage Ad was just the ticket to get his creative juices flowing to inspire him to make and take out another future ad, to help and promote the Phyneas Jack Memorial Trust, for the Forest of Kahruvel. On behalf of the New Babbage community, we applaud Mr.Jack for onward and upward effort, and graciously Thank him for taking the time to help promote New Babbage! Industry Marches On!

Eggberta Echegaray



New Babbage residents celebrated Guy Fawkes Night, by burning an effigy on massive bon fires. Some effigy's where burned on the water in the Canal District, whilst others gathered around a bon fire in Port Babbage by the Babbage Navy building.

The infamous rhyme:

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent
To blow up the King and Parli'ment.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England's overthrow;
By God's providence he was catch'd
. With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.

Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

A grand fireworks display at the bridges in the Babbage Canals ended the celebrations for the evening.



Natacha Chernov, Lungs Heron, Rachel Breaker, Kaylee Frye, Tinsel Silvera, Mytril Igaly, Nix Sands, Charlene Trudeau, Devyn Grimm, Taterbug Rossini, Ordinal Malaprop, Canolli Capalini, Oahu Wijaya, Shaunathan Sprocket, Eggberta Echegaray, Loki Eliot, Nix Sands, Nefu3 Klaar, Artemisia Paine, Poopdeck Halfpint, Jeremy Ondricek, Beq Janus, Rod Zeddmore, Stikku Habsburg, Leendert Meriman.

Mayor Spocket started the first meeting off at 13:10 SL time, and announced that New Babbage’s first year anniversary is rapidly approaching. January 8th, 2007 was that date when the first New Babbage sims “Babbage Square,” came to existence on the grid. Since then, New Babbage’s population has greatly increased, as three new sims have been added.

New Babbage finally has a Texture Library which will be housed in the Town Hall on the second floor. As for news about the train, Mayor Sprocket asked the meeting attendees if anyone knows where to get the sound of a rollercoaster when it goes up a hill. If someone can provide this, Mayor Sprocket asked if they could it to Rei, so that the train will be completed. As for the scripting for the train, Mayor Sprocket asked Ms.Ordinal Malaprop if there was any updates. Ms. Malaprop readily replied that the train and carriages run, however it needs some reconciliation for it to work properly upon crossing sim boundaries, otherwise it is at the mercy of the grid. Mayor Sprocket made mention about an option for the owner to stop and start the train, so that we wouldn’t have to bother Ms.Malaprop should the sim crash with regards to maintenance, and she said that it can be done. As for the new Town Hall, Mayor Sprocket mentioned that the building is complete, and it’s design commemorates the building that appears in the film “The Golden Compass.” However, the building still needs to be furnished, and the elevator has to be added, as so people can properly access the floors without having to fly up or down.

The next item up for discussion was that Mayor Sprocket mentioned that the focus of the meetings are for residents to offer feedback about the New Babbage sims, be them positive or negative, with regards to what residents like or dislike about New Babbage. As for future developments, Mayor Sprocket pointed out, that there will be a meeting in January, to discuss the future of New Babbage. One of the main issues presented was by Loki Eliot who suggested to get rid of the Telehubs in Babbage Square and the Babbage Canals, as so customers could easily access a businesses and private residences, instead of having to fly or walk from the telehub locations. A vote was cast, the majority of attendees at the first meeting voted against the Telehubs and according to Mayor Sprocket, at the second meeting held at 18:00 SL, again, the vote to get rid of the telehubs was in favour.

Lastly, the Mayor brought up the need for Citizens to ban together when organizing future New Babbage events and to be proactive by mentioning them on the forum board. Loki Eliot mentioned that he plans to organize a small get together for people who have a Deamon familiar next weekend. The Mayor mentioned a snowman competition, to contact Kaylee Frye, or talk about it on the forum board. It was then brought up by Ms.Kaylee Frye, some people don’t even know about New Babbage’s forum board, and Mayor Sprocket stated to spread the word about it, and to just mention it to visitors through word of mouth. Ms.Myrtil Igaly suggested the idea to help promote the forum board, by mentioning it’s existence in New Babbage’s description, when people look up our sims in the search engine. The Mayor adjourned the meeting at 14:00 SL time and thanked everyone for attending.

Meeting Minutes taken by Tinsel Silvera

Meeting Minutes Compiled by Eggberta Echegaray



On Hallowe'en, instead of trick or treating in New Babbage, some of SL's street kids and New Babbage's resident Urchins along with accompanying adults, roamed throughout the streets of New Babbage pushing burning barrels for the 1st annual Babbage Burning Barrel Race!

With the finish line ending up in Port Babbage, eveyone who particpated in the race was warmly welcomed by a nice roasting fire and a grand fireworks display to commemorate the event.

It wouldn't of been Hallowe'en night without a fleeting visit from Angry Jenkins. His presence gave the kids a fright, until an adult shooed' him away.

I would like to Thank Loki Eliot for launching this year's first annual Babbage Burning Barrel race and for his brilliant work involving his Tommy Todd carousel at his Old Imperial Theatre. Master Eliot has does New Babbage proud!

Eggberta Echegaray




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Q. What is New Babbage?

A. New Babbage is a planned group of themed sims designed to promote a steampunk aesthetic.


Q. What is Babbage Square?

A. The first, and to date the only, of the planned New Babbage sims is Babbage Square. New Babbage can be thought of as the "city," while Babbage Square is its first "region."


Q. What is "steampunk?"

A. Steampunk is a genre of speculative fiction, usually science fiction, that explores the question of how past eras, particularly the Victorian period, would have looked if more modern technology had existed using only the tools at their disposal. Thus the steampunk aesthetic often makes use of wood, brass, iron, and steam-powered engines to construct fantastic machines that never were.

Please see the steampunk Wikipedia entry:



Q. Is New Babbage for role-players?

A. New Babbage is for anyone interested in steampunk ideas. Although many residents dress and role-play the part, all are welcome to participate in the activities here (period attire not required), and are encouraged to explore the technology made available to us in SL New Babbagers are builders, scripters, and texture artists, curious and experimental by nature, come together to invent, create, and commune.




Editor in Chief: Miss Eggberta Echegaray

Assistant Editor: Tinsel Silvera


Ethics Statement:

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Temporary location: The Willow Tea Room Lot # 20 New Babbage Cultural District

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Miss Eggberta Echegaray.

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The New Babbage Cog is circulated in three ways:

1. new issues are sent automatically to subscribers of the New Babbage Cog group.

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Advertising is L$50 to New Babbage citizens and L$100 for out-of-towners, per listing, per issue. For both residents and non-residents, space is limited to 500 characters per listing. Each ad may include one embedded texture and one landmark. File attachments must be delivered at the time of ad reservation. Please see our contact information above to inquire.


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