28 October 2007


Vol I / Issue XVIII ~ 28th of October, 2007

~ New Babbage Hallowe'en Special ~



  1. Letter from the Editor
  2. New Babbage Self Guided Ghost Tours Starts!
  3. The Grand Hallowe’en Parade Coverage!
  4. New Babbage Podcast!
  5. Events & Announcements
  6. Classified Advertisements
  7. New Babbage and Steampunk FAQ
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Dear Fellow New Babbagers,

Given the hype with last month's murder roleplay event, the momentum to keep the dramatic events going, was warmly welcomed by New Babbager's with arrival of this year's Hallowe'en celebrations! The New Babbage Ghost Tours launched today, and last wee
kend we saw the city streets alive, with floats as people stood to the side and watch Mr.Greegan's Grand Hallowe'en Parade! Lastly, it was brought to the attention of the Cog, that New Babbage was featured in a Podcast done by an in world radio program called "SL Under The Radar." The podcast link can be found after the gala parade coverage...enjoy!

In your Service,
Miss Eggberta Echegaray



**The New Babbage Cog Sponsored Event **

This Ghost Tour will take you through New Babbage's dark alley's and haunted buildings, where voices of the past are said to still linger to this day. The following cards offer a ghostly story, and provide the walker with the co-ordinates for the haunted location.

Ye Be Warned!

Happy Hauntings and have a Spiffy...





The Willow Tea Room

The Willow Tea Room and Courtyard, Babbage Square (211, 214, 105)

Previous owner of the Willow Tea Room, Miss Mary Bird, apparently made a “special tea mixture” that provoked many of the men folk of New Babbage, to inhabit the spirit of the devil. In 1855, the town’s folk condemned Miss Bird as a witch, erected a wooden pole in front of her tea room, and burned her alive at the stake. Today, Willow Tea Room Tea Toddlers have reported seeing a ghostly image of woman on fire, letting out a shrilling scream, whilst they sip on their tea.

The Willow Tea Room and Courtyard, Babbage Square (211, 214, 105)

Abney Park Laboratory

Abney Park, Babbage Square (113, 214, 105)

During the aftermath of the Eliot murder, Professor Nishi conducted her own experiments in time travel on this site. At one point Bow Street even boarded up the lab for investigation. Due to various temporal disturbances, Professor Nishi decided to board up, and then tear down the lab herself. Shortly after the resolution of the events surrounding the discovery of the Eliot device, Professor Nishi vanished. She contacted her assistant, Artemisia Paine, to assure her that she was merely out researching the elusive cuttlefish, and to please proceed with building the new Laboratory as planned. The laboratory you see there now is a completely new building, from foundation to roof. Nonetheless, temporal anomolies persist, sometimes mistaken by laymen for hauntings. This said, please do proceed with utmost caution when touring this building!

Abney Park, Babbage Square (113, 214, 105)

Abney Park Cemetery, Babbage Square

Babbage Square, Babbage Square (174, 168, 110)

Here lies many of New Babbage's former residents whom have passed on. Some bodies are still present, but alas, other dearly departed's remains, have been stolen by Grave Robbers, looking to make a quick quid from a traineee medical student requiring a cadaver. It is known, those who had their peaceful rest interrupted, have came back to haunt the park in search of these Grave Robbers. Some New Babbage residents who have taken a stroll through the park at night, have reported celestial attacks, with what they can only guess is by the ghosts who's bodies had been stolen.

Babbage Square, Babbage Square (174, 168, 110)

The Old Imperial Theater

The Old Imperial Steampunk Theatre, Babbage Square (171, 26, 106)

Here you will find a Hallow's Eve Story from the streets of New Babbage about a boy called Tommy Todd and Angry Jenkins. Go inside and take a spooky ride!

Also, this old Theater is known to house the street urchins of New Babbage, as well as, inhabit the ghost of Professor Eliot,who was murdered this past August for creating his "Porta Terrtrum Device." The ghost of Edler Reifsnider, has also been sighted in the Theater, who had ordered that the old Theater be demolished, but before that could happen, he was was found hanging in the theater's balcony with a knife stabbed in his back.

The Old Imperial Steampunk Theatre, Babbage Square (171, 26, 106)

Maison Horta - Ghosts of Art Nouveau

La Maison Horta, Babbage Canals (55, 197, 105)

Maison Horta was the home of the celebrated architect Victor Horta and it is said that it is haunted by the ghost of his wife who lingers in the stairwell, while Victor, now long dead, still can be seen warming himself by the fire in the dining room.

La Maison Horta, Babbage Canals (55, 197, 105)

Ogdred Weary House

Ogdred Weary House, Babbage Canals (121, 61, 105)

Guarded by a friendly brown bat named Sophie, Ogdred Weary house is home to more than one ghostly being. From the prune-headed spectre circling the roof, to the woman with the knife, there are quite a few surprises to be found in this 3 story building.

Ogdred Weary House, Babbage Canals (121, 61, 105)

Babbage Lovelace Park Cemetery

Babbage-Lovelace Park, Babbage Canals (213, 50, 106)

A spectral tableau awaits in the park.

It is quite best seen, when in the dark.

We know not from whence they came.

We have no clue, nor any name.

Within the crypt - a place for two.

And a third behind, not in plain view.

Could this have been a lover's tryst?

Three spectres haunt within the mist.

If ye spies, upon the ground,

a skull - don't touch, they'll chase you 'round.

Babbage-Lovelace Park, Babbage Canals (213, 50, 106)


The parade route began at Salazar Jack's stockyards, and headed east, towards Pizzini Mayo's Mayifu Arcade where it ended. The limits on the parade floats where only 31 prims if it's was a vehicle, and no limit (within reason) if the float is worn. The winner for this year's best float was awarded to MadCow Cosmos.All the participants did a wonderful job with their creations, and they where a delight to the viewers on the sidelines watching the parade go by. Thank you Mr.Greegan for pulling this together, hopefully it won't be New Babbage's last Hallowe'en Parade!

Eggberta Echegaray

Here are the following photograms taken of the floats, at the grand Hallowe'en Parade!

Eggberta Echegaray



Turn on your radiograms and listen to Radar Masukami's "SL Under The Radar" podcast show " Do you feel lucky, Steampunk?" Episode 16. Originally the Podcast was broadcasted on Tuesday, 25 September 2007, but was just recently brought to my attention.


Radar's original website, with the podcast can also be found here:


Eggberta Echegaray




Put your event and/or announcement here!




The chosen E.A candidate will gain experience with all aspects of publishing by assisting the Editor in Chief, with the administration of planning and production of The New Babbage Cog.

Typical work activities will include:

  • Support and assist the Editor in Chief with all activities leading to the monthly publication.
  • Liaison with freelance writers, and photographers.
  • Research, organize, write own articles adhering to deadlines
  • Contribution of ideas and stories
  • Help to organize, copy and paste text and images to the out of world Babbage Blog Payment of the role will depend on Advertising revenues submitted to The New Babbage Cog.


Reporters/Photographers are needed to cover stories for the New Babbage Cog. Need steampunk stories directly related to the New Babbage sims, her residents and aethernet steampunk websites of interest.

Typical work activities will include:

  • Research, organize, write own articles adhering to deadlines
  • Contribution of ideas and stories
  • Most photographs are in sepia, please keep that in mind when submitting snapshots

Content ideas:

  • Architecture of New Babbage
  • Business Owner’s Spotlight
  • Inventors Corner
  • Special New Babbage Event coverage
  • New Babbage stories
  • Aethernet Steampunk culture: Steampunk movie, music, book, clubs reviews, websites of interest.

Please write a short email summary, explaining your affiliation and knowledge about the Steampunk culture and the New Babbage Sims. Submit your email to Miss Eggberta Echegaray at newbabbage@gmail.com. I will review your emails, and conduct in world interviews, on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at my tea shoppe, until the roles are filled.

* * *


Q. What is New Babbage?

A. New Babbage is a planned group of themed sims designed to promote a steampunk aesthetic.


Q. What is Babbage Square?

A. The first, and to date the only, of the planned New Babbage sims is Babbage Square. New Babbage can be thought of as the "city," while Babbage Square is its first "region."


Q. What is "steampunk?"

A. Steampunk is a genre of speculative fiction, usually science fiction, that explores the question of how past eras, particularly the Victorian period, would have looked if more modern technology had existed using only the tools at their disposal. Thus the steampunk aesthetic often makes use of wood, brass, iron, and steam-powered engines to construct fantastic machines that never were.

Please see the steampunk Wikipedia entry:



Q. Is New Babbage for role-players?

A. New Babbage is for anyone interested in steampunk ideas. Although many residents dress and role-play the part, all are welcome to participate in the activities here (period attire not required), and are encouraged to explore the technology made available to us in SL New Babbagers are builders, scripters, and texture artists, curious and experimental by nature, come together to invent, create, and commune.




Editor in Chief: Miss Eggberta Echegaray


Ethics Statement:

THIS IS A COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER, NOT A VEHICLE FOR EXPOSE. All reporters for The New Babbage Cog are obligated to inform potential interviewees when they are gathering data for a report on our behalf, or clearly identify themselves as a TNBC journalist. This is a community paper, not a vehicle for expose; all investigative reporting must be above-the-board. Deception is against the intended spirit of community embraced by this paper and will not be tolerated. If a citizen encounters an aggressive reporter claiming to work on behalf of The New Babbage Cog, they are urged to report same to the Editor.


-- Visit us:

Temporary location: The Willow Tea Room Lot # 20 New Babbage Cultural District

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Notecard communications can be sent to Miss Eggberta Echegaray

-- IM:

You may contact Miss Eggberta Echegaray by IM with any newspaper business.

-- Aethernet mail:

Messages sent to newbabbage@gmail.com will be fielded or redirected as necessary by

Miss Eggberta Echegaray.

-- Ms.Echegaray's SL Office Hours: Mon – Fri 3pm – 4pm SLT


The New Babbage Cog is circulated in three ways:

1. new issues are sent automatically to subscribers of the New Babbage Cog group.

2. Issues are available from a paper boxes at the following locations:

-- Babbage Square telehub

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Back Issues:

All back issues of The New Babbage Cog will be available free of charge. They can be found in the Willow Tea Room on the first floor.


Volunteer freelance and column writers are welcome to propose stories. The New Babbage Cog also welcomes news tips, reports, and story ideas from interested parties. Please see our contact information above.


Advertising should be germane to subjects of greatest import to residents of New Babbage. Although our sensibilities are quite modern and liberal, The New Babbage Cog reserves the right to determine an ad's fitness for inclusion based on its pertinence to steampunk, Victoriana, retrotech, industry, anachronism, and other related concepts.

Advertising is L$50 to New Babbage citizens and L$100 for out-of-towners, per listing, per issue. For both residents and non-residents, space is limited to 500 characters per listing. Each ad may include one embedded texture and one landmark. File attachments must be delivered at the time of ad reservation. Please see our contact information above to inquire.


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